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About the center

Omsk Scientific and Educational Center is an association of leading educational and research organizations with organizations of the real sector of the economy.

Mission of the center

Initiation, development and commercialization of new technologies and products competitive on world markets, training of highly qualified personnel to solve scientific and technological problems in the priorities of scientific and technological development of the Omsk region and the Russian Federation.
Creation of conditions in the region for the development of high-tech environmentally oriented industries and human potential.

Priority tasks of Omsk НОЦ:

  • creation of a system of cooperation between science and business, contributing to the development of promising areas of scientific thought and the introduction of technologies of "tomorrow";
  • increasing the potential of regional enterprises through the commercialization of scientific achievements;
  • development of a system of advanced training of personnel and intensification of the export of knowledge by reforming the educational space with an emphasis on building the training process for young researchers;
  • renovation of existing research and innovative infrastructure, including through the creation of shared centers and joint research sites;
  • ensuring the full cycle of the introduction of innovative technologies from the initial scientific hypothesis to the creation of the final product by ensuring the transfer of innovative developments, creating a network of communications with the world scientific community, intensive patent work, obtaining entrepreneurial benefits from the use of the results of scientific activity;
  • transformation of the economic structure of the Omsk region and the transition to a new innovative economy due to the concentration on advanced technologies and cooperation projects in the field of science, education and innovation;
  • the formation of a comfortable and modern urban environment, focused on the implementation of ideas and undertakings, capable of becoming a place for the application of strength and skills, following modern trends and practices of the urban lifestyle and associated with the “city of the future”.

The trajectory of the implementation of an innovative project

  • Innovative project
  • Research and development
  • Expertise
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Marketing research
  • Entrepreneurial scheme. Team building
  • Business plan. Efficiency mark
  • Preparation for implementation. Investor search
  • Introduction and market entry
  • Control after implementation

You can become a REC participant with a project of any level of complexity and readiness. We provide support to members at every stage of the implementation trajectory.

  • НОЦ проектам

    • Экспертиза
    • Поиск партнеров
    • Продвижение
    • Узнаваемость
    • Центр развития компетенций
  • НОЦ бизнесу

    • Высокие технологии
    • Решение производственных задач
    • Опережающая подготовка кадров
    • Развитое партнерство
    • Система мер поддержки
  • НОЦ образованию

    • Прикладная направленность
    • Базовые кафедры
    • Задачи реального сектора
    • Модернизация программ обучения
  • НОЦ региону

    • Технологическое развитие области
    • Закрепление квалифицированных кадров
    • Инвестиционная привлекательность региона

normative documents

  • 28 / 05 / 2021

    Указ Губернатора Омской области N 156 «О создании научно-образовательного центра мирового уровня Омской области»

    (0.25 мб., .pdf)

  • 19 / 05 / 2021

    Указ Губернатора Омской области N 156 «О создании научно-образовательного центра мирового уровня Омской области»

    (0.25 мб., .pdf)

  • 13 / 05 / 2021

    Указ Губернатора Омской области N 156 «О создании научно-образовательного центра мирового уровня Омской области»

    (0.25 мб., .pdf)

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